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Retirement Home Painting Company in Philadelphia

Rathgeb Painting is the leading retirement home painting company in the Greater Philadelphia area, including Montgomery County & Bucks County. We provide comprehensive commercial painting services to help retirement homes and other commercial spaces look their best. Exteriors and interiors can be professionally painted with fast and efficient turnaround times, meaning retirement homes can keep up with their fresh aesthetic for much longer periods of time at a fraction of the cost.

With over 20 years of painting experience, Rathgeb Painting is a leader in the local painting industry. With Rathgeb Painting, retirement homes have a reliable and dedicated team of professional painters available to them every step of the way, from project conception to completion. Rathgeb Painting is customer-centered, striving to provide quality painting services while ensuring retirement homes get exactly what they need within their budgets.

Our Professional Retirement Home Painting Services

At Rathgeb Painting, we’re a team of experienced painters committed to providing quality service that can be tailored to all retirement facility needs. We pride ourselves on being reliable and efficient with our work, customer satisfaction, and ensuring all retirement home painting jobs are completed as quickly as possible without overlooking any of the details.

Whatever your requirement – whether it be interior or exterior painting, wallpapering, texturing, or color consultation– our painting professionals have the skillset and knowledge needed to help transform retirement homes into more structured and inviting environments.

What Can You Expect During Your Painting Project?

Our team of professional painters understands that retirement homes need to be inviting, warm, and well-maintained in order to provide comfort for seniors. That’s why we’ve developed a thorough step-by-step painting process to ensure quality each and every time.

It starts with an assessment of the current state of the space that includes cleaning and sanding surfaces to be painted and ensuring all furniture and flooring are protected from paint. We then move on to priming and painting walls using only high-quality paints and primers. Finally, we inspect the area when finished to make sure everything looks just right before doing a detailed cleanup. With Rathgeb Painting, retirement home residents and staff can count on professional results that will last for years!

Get Started On Your Painting Project Today!

Get the best painting services available with Rathgeb Painting. As a retirement home painting company, we have extensive experience to handle any job with ease and expertise. We provide high-quality services at competitive rates. With Rathgeb Painting on your side, you can be sure that all of your painting projects will be completed with utmost care and attention. Contact the painting experts at Rathgeb Painting today to speak with a local painting contractor about all your painting needs and receive a free estimate on your retirement home painting project!

Retirement Home Painting FAQ

The milder months of spring and fall are generally the best times of year for commercial painting, as temperatures are moderate. During these months, painters can keep their projects on track, and it helps minimize any risks associated with extreme weather. However, our painting company is able to perform interior or exterior painting services for you at any time of year. At Rathgeb Painting, our professional painting team is here to serve you at any time of year!

As a leading local painting company, we have worked on hundreds of painting projects, but no two projects are the same. There are many factors that influence the final cost of professional painting services. For instance, a commercial property may need thousands of square feet painted, whereas a residential home may only need a small bedroom touched up with a fresh coat of paint. Most of the cost comes from the amount of labor required to complete the project. In order to receive accurate pricing on our professional painting services, contact Rathgeb Painting for a free estimate. We are a painting company that prides itself on customer satisfaction and transparency, so reach out to us today to start your painting project!

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when selecting a paint finish for a commercial property like a retirement home. This is a stylistic choice that affects the overall look and feel of a space. Typically, commercial properties favor an eggshell finish, as an eggshell finish is durable, does not pick up dirt easily, and reflects more light to produce a low luster. If you’re unable to decide on a paint finish, you can speak with our team about a color consultation! Reach out to our team today!

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