Three Reasons To Get Your Home Pressure Washed This Summer

It’s finally summertime, and the beautiful weather that accompanies it allows us to participate in outdoor sporting events, BBQs, and enjoy nature. However, summertime is also the perfect time for another activity: giving your home a deep clean and improving its curb appeal.

At Matthew Rathgeb Painters, we’re not only the premier painting company in Society Hill, but we can also professionally pressure wash your home to give it a long-lasting clean, and even help to increase its value. Here are the top three reasons to get it done this summer:

Pressure Washing

  1. Pressure Washing Your Home Can Protect It

Over the spring, the moist and wet conditions allow for the growth of mold and mildew. Not only will they begin to discolor a home’s exterior, but they are dangerous as well. Contaminants like these can do more than deteriorate a home’s surface. If they ma

ke it inside, they can even be harmful to your health. A thorough pressure washing, done by our professional team of experts, can ensure that these potentially harmful growths are effectively removed from the surface of your home. Keeping a home clean can also extend the lifespan of the exterior paint, and as the Callowhill area’s go-to painters, we understand the value in making it look great.

  1. Between the Pollen of Spring and the Leaves and Debris of Autumn, Summer Is the Perfect Time To Enjoy a Clean Exterior to Your Home

When you get your home pressure washed in the summer, you’ll have more time to enjoy your freshly-cleaned exterior. The pollen and the hard, driving rains of spring as well as the decaying leaves and debris of autumn can wreak havoc on your home’s surface, but getting this service in the summer allows you to actually appreciate the new look that a professional pressure washing can impart to your home.

  1. Pressure Washing Can Be Dangerous. Leave It to the Pros!

Despite their great benefit, the equipment used for pressure washing can be quite dangerous and even cause serious injuries. People have been known to underestimate these powerful devices, and their spray is forceful enough to cause skin lacerations, bruises, punctures, eye injuries, and worse. Clearly, it’s best to leave pressure washing to the professionals at Matthew Painting Pups. We can clean your home’s exterior safety and expertly.

If you want to enjoy a cleaner exterior to your home and increase its allure and even value, call us today for our pressure washing services at 267-930-1318.

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