The Power of Accent Walls

As one of the top residential painters in Philadelphia, PA, at Matthew Painting Pups, we know that picking a color to paint our living area or bedroom is a big decision. You want to add character to the space, but need to make sure the color is going to fit your style and be aesthetically pleasing with other elements in your home. Your frequently asked questions may include, “Will this make me feel relaxed?” “Does it complement the adjacent room’s color?” “Does it clash with cabinets?” “Should I just forget it all and go with something ‘neutral’?”. If you find yourself asking questions like these, know that there is a decorating tip that may help relieve some of those concerns — the accent wall.

What Is an accent wall?

An accent wall is simply a wall that differs in design from the other walls in the room. Watch this video for a brief overview of how adding an accent wall will make your decorating journey a bit easier, keep reading for a deeper dive into the benefits of accent walls.

Separate Without Construction

An accent wall can help you differentiate space in one room, especially if it is a large area. Rather than solely relying on moving furniture around to make awkward blocked-off areas for different activities in the room (television, fireplace, a table by the window, etc.), contrasting colors can make designated areas feel more distinct from one another.

Make Small Rooms Cozy, Not Cramped

A dramatic, dark color can help add dimension, especially on the ceiling. Popular accent wall colors include dark red, blue, and green. But don’t just follow the trends — decide for yourself!

Add Texture

An accent wall doesn’t just have to be dictated by a coat of paint. While a bit more of an involved installation process, brick, stone, or wallpaper can give the room a healthy dose of varied appearance. 

A Few “Don’ts”

Be careful of over cluttering the accent wall. While it is supposed to stand out, it’s essential to maintain it’s elegance and simplicity, even if there are shapes involved. While having one wall be a contrasting color brings personality and vibrancy to the room, remain mindful of it not pairing well with other furnishings. The more you think of your place having a theme or at least a color “scheme,” the better your accent wall choice will be.

Get Your Accent Wall Professionally Painted

If you require residential painting in Philadelphia, PA, you ought to go with the best. Matthew Painting Pups is here for you and your home, so contact us today!

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