The Best Paint Colors for a Modern Kitchen

Whether upgrading your kitchen or just redecorating, there’s no question that the color of paint you choose will play a central role in the room’s overall design — however, the best kitchen color to use isn’t as clear. There is a vast array of modern kitchen wall colors to consider, which can make settling on a single color a challenge in its own right.

You may opt to paint the walls your favorite color, select a shade that compliments your appliances and furniture, or better yet, choose a hue that promotes the atmosphere you wish to cultivate. To make your decision easier, here’s a look at the five best kitchen colors for a modern feel.


While white kitchen designs may seem like a basic and standard color option, it’s timeless for a reason. White paint is a neutral option that is excellent at creating contrast with appliances of more vibrant colors. Although it is a safe choice, there’s more than just pure white available. There are several tints and variations of white to consider that can add a little touch of color without going overboard.

Light Seafoam

If you’re searching for a color that’s more reserved but can still stand well against white cabinets and appliances, then consider a light hue of seafoam. Because of its relatively neutral hue, seafoam pairs very well with other colors. It’s also one of the best kitchen colors if you wish to foster a calm and relaxing feel.

Creamy Brown

Homeowners who wish to make their kitchen more inviting should consider a creamy brown hue. This style is among the best kitchen colors for those who want to develop a soft and warm aesthetic for their homes. If you’re looking for a way to make your kitchen feel rustic yet charming, then creamy brown paint will be a perfect choice.

Blue Green

Although charcoal black is ideal for homeowners who want their kitchen to appear slick and sophisticated, not everyone wants to cloak their kitchen in darkness. Instead, those looking to use a darker hue without going all the way should consider bluish-green paint. As one of the more grounded modern kitchen wall colors, combinations of blue and green are excellent options to establish a moody style. Additionally, blue greens are one of the best kitchen colors when your appliances and fixtures have differing designs.

Dark Green

Looking for a way to give your kitchen a fresh and outdoor vibe? Then go for a darker tone of green. This kind of paint is effective at cultivating a natural feel for indoor spaces and is ideal for homeowners who love forests and greenery. Additionally, this allows dark green to pair well with other earthy colors in your kitchen, such as cream and brown, and natural wood.

After deciding on the best kitchen colors, reach out to Matthew Painting Pups to help transform your kitchen. We offer cabinet painting in Philadelphia for homeowners and much more. Additionally, we’re also commercial painters for Philadelphia businesses. Contact us today for more information and to schedule your appointment.

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