Is Your Home Ready for 2020? 4 Interior Color Trends to Look Out For

How Often Should You Paint Your House?

Is the interior of your home looking a little dull? Do you no longer feel joy when you look at the color of your home? Are you finding yourself gazing at other people’s interior walls for inspiration? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it may be time to give your home a little makeover. That sounds fun right? YES, again. 

You should paint your home every five to ten years, depending on the quality of the paint and workmanship of the painters. If you think that time has come, trust our interior painting service in Old City for the job! We understand that choosing a color for your home can be an exciting and confusing decision. You may even find yourself vacillating between two beautiful colors. Not to worry — the infographic below will help guide you in your painting process by navigating you through the new color trends of 2020:

Color Trends

When you decide to move forward with your interior paint project, turn to our painting experts here at Matthew Painting Pups for a beautiful, lasting results. No matter which color you choose, our professional interior painters in Philadelphia, PA will discuss your vision and offer their expert opinion to help bring your ideas to life. Check out the video below to see how our team can transform your home in 2020:

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