Can I Paint My House in the Winter?

Homeowners looking to freshen up their homes rarely consider taking on home improvement projects in the winter. They believe the best (and only) time to tackle these projects is during the spring or summer. While these months can be ideal for some projects, it is possible to complete a paint job during the winter season.

If you couldn’t check off painting your home on your to-do list this past spring or summer, don’t stress. There is still time to tackle your painting project before the new year. Here is everything you need to know about painting both the exterior and interior of your home during the winter season.

Is It Possible to Paint My House Exterior in Winter?

Yes, you can paint the exterior of your house in the winter. In fact, there are several benefits to doing so. The biggest is that you will save money when hiring a painting contractor. Unlike summer, when they are up to their ears in painting jobs, professionals have fewer jobs in the winter, so you can likely snag a great deal. They’ll also be able to start your project sooner and complete the job faster since they will have more team members dedicating their time to it.

The only catch to painting the house exterior in the winter is finding a time when the weather is perfect. For a painting project to be successful during cold weather, temperatures must stay above 35 degrees Fahrenheit during the daytime. Since temperatures drop at night, you’ll need to give the paint plenty of time to dry before chillier temperatures set in; otherwise, you risk blemishes forming in the paint and the final product having poorer performance.

To ensure the paint can dry in time, the painting professionals should start painting in the late morning after the house exterior has been warmed by the sun. They should stop painting around mid-afternoon to allow the sun to dry the paint.

As a homeowner, it can be challenging to make time in the spring and summer for every home improvement project you need to tackle. The good news is that winter can be an excellent time to start new tasks, including painting the outside of your home, especially if you’ve found the answer to “how often should you paint your house exterior” and realized it’s time to give your home a touch-up. If your house is looking a little worse for wear, don’t hesitate to schedule exterior painting services in the Greater Philadelphia area in the winter.

Can I Paint the Inside of My Home During the Winter Season?

Unlike the exterior of your home, it’s much easier to start painting the house’s interior during the winter months. We even consider winter as the best time of year to paint inside. This is for several reasons, including waiting less time for painters and quicker paint drying times.

Professional painters are busiest during the summer months, which means you will likely have to pay a higher price in order to secure a bit of their time. During the winter months, however, they have fewer jobs to complete, meaning you can save money and have a finished paint job faster.

Humidity is not a paint’s best friend. It can slow drying times and cause imperfections in the finished product. Since winter air is crisper than summer air, humidity is not an issue during this season. This means your paint will dry faster, leaving less room for error.

As you spend more time cozying up in your home as temperatures drop outside, you may notice that your walls are looking a little lackluster. Don’t put up with the eyesore until spring or summer. Reach out to a residential interior painting company to beautify your home now!

‘Tis the Season for Applying a Fresh Coat of Paint

Sometimes, it’s not possible to get every home improvement project done in the spring or summer or wait until the next season to get started. If you need to paint your home, don’t shy away from doing it in the winter. With the right professional painters and careful planning, you can successfully give your home a new look.

At Matthew Painting Pups, we don’t store our paint brushes and paint away when it gets cold outside. If you have an interior or exterior painting project you’d like us to work on this winter, reach out to us today to discuss the details.

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